Forum on Drinking Water Treatment & Water Quality Monitoring (Clarkson University)

Clarkson University hosted a Water Forum on drinking water treatment and water quality monitoring.

The forum was sponsored by Clarkson’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Clarkson’s Institute for a Sustainable Environment, Anchor QEA, Arcadis, American Water Works Association, CDM Smith, CHA Consulting, CH2M, Hazen, LimnoTech, and O’Brien & Gere.

Featured speakers were:

David A. Reckhow is a professor in the Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Program at UMass-Amherst. He is director of the Water Innovation Network for Sustainable Small Systems, an Environmental Protection Agency Small Water Systems Center, and director of the Institute in Drinking Water Treatment.

Mark LeChevallier is the vice president and chief environmental officer for American Water, a water utility operating in 35 states and Canada that serves more than 15 million people. He leads the research and innovation program, environmental compliance and stewardship, and the Central Laboratory for American Water.

William Becker is a Corporate Drinking Water Practice leader at Hazen and Sawyer and an adjunct professor at Columbia University in the department of Earth and Environmental Engineering. He has consulted for some of the largest utilities in the country, and he has conducted applied research on a variety of water quality and treatment topics.

James K. Edzwald is a professor and chairman of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Clarkson, and professor emeritus at UMass-Amherst. He is technical editor of the American Water Works Association professional handbook, Water Quality & Treatment, 6th Ed., and co-author of Dissolved Air Flotation for Water Clarification.

Selma Mededovic Thagard is an associate professor of Chemical &Biomolecular Engineering at Clarkson. Her expertise is in the development of electrical discharge plasma reactors for water treatment.

Clarkson President Anthony G. Collins delivered remarks about Joseph V. DePinto and his contributions to the field.

Joseph V. DePinto is a senior scientist emeritus with LimnoTech. He held the position of senior scientist for 15 years before his recent retirement. He has held faculty positions at SUNY-Buffalo as professor and director of the Great Lakes Research Center and professor at Clarkson University. He has spent more than 40 years conducting research and supporting management of the Great Lakes.

Thomas Holsen is the Jean S. Newell Distinguished Professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering and associate director of the Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science (CARES) at Clarkson. He has been principle investigator of the U.S. EPA Great Lakes Fish Monitoring and Surveillance Program for more than 10 years.

James Bonner is a professor at Clarkson, chief research officer at Clarkson’s Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries and a professional engineer. He has taught environmental engineering for decades, and he has held faculty positions at SUNY Plattsburgh and Texas A&M University.

Jennifer Benaman is a principal with Anchor QEA. She has worked for 20 years in environmental modeling, including modeling of the Hudson River. She was recently appointed to the U.S. EPA’s Science Advisory Board’s Environmental Engineering Committee.

Michael Twiss is a professor and executive officer of Biology at Clarkson. He is also the director of the Great Rivers Center and an appointed member of the International Joint Commission’s Great Lakes Science Advisory Board — Research Coordination Committee.

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