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How do I choose the right water filter?

Choosing a water filter system for your home can be a challenge as there are so many models out there and each has different levels of filtration and, of course, expense. However, you can make the job a bit easier if you do a little bit of planning and research.

First narrow down exactly what you want the filter to do. Do you merely want to filter your drinking water or do you want to remove contaminants from all the water you use including your shower water, cooking water, and water for washing clothes? Take the time to find out what contaminants may be in your water and how they can effect your health – not only when you are drinking it but when you are breathing the fumes and showering in it as well.

Types Of Water Filters

Next, learn about different types of water filter systems. Some work with a carbon filtration system, others use a technology called reverse osmosis, and still others might distill the water to remove every impurity. Become familiar with these different methods and how much of the contaminants each one removes. Not every filter will remove every single chemical from the water, and you need to decide if you can live with some chemicals in your water or if you want everything removed. A filter that removes everything is also removing important minerals; so take that into consideration as well.

Once you have decided on the type of filter you want, come up with a budget. You can’t really put a price on health so don’t skimp on this. Once you know your price range, look at a few of the systems available in this range. Bring home all the information you can on each one so you can compare them later and make an educated choice.

Before you buy, however, check any consumer reports to see what other consumers think of the product. Also, if it has a filter, find out about the life of the filter, the cost of the filters and how easy it is to change the filter.

With today’s concerns over contaminated water, a water filter system is something every household should consider. Finding the best filter for you might take a bit of research and leg work, but it is well worth it, as having clean water to drink is critical to your good health.


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