Vitamina C remove CLORO? Ajuste da água da cerveja artesanal

No video de hoje falamos sobre a prossibilidade de usar agentes antioxidantes para “remoção” do cloro da água cervejeira Referências: Tikkanen, M.W.; Schroeter, J. H.; Leong, L.Y.C.; Ganesh, R. 2001. Guidance Manual For the Disposal of Chlorinated Water. AWWA Research Foundation Report 90863. Denver, CO: American Water Works Association.

Talking about Chloramines A Discussion of the Concerns and Questions Regarding Water Treatment1

09/15/2017- Water Research Foundation Webcast. Public debate about changes in water treatment and the need to make wise decisions for sustainable, safe drinking water treatment are an important and integral part of the water sector. Scientists, engineers, and decision makers must use the best available science, consider regulatory requirements, and listen to citizen concerns about …