Episode 048 – Bonnifer Ballard, Executive Director, Michigan Chapter – American Water Works…

In this episode, Bonnifer Ballard, executive director of the Michigan Section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) fills our cup with ideas on how adult learners are – and should be – critical consumers of professional development, what she thinks is meaningful educational content and where association deliverables are headed.


“I’m really interested in understanding how your worldview and your experience helps me understand my worldview and my experience better.” (7:58)

“One of the reasons that I follow PureReinvention is because it has forced me to start thinking differently about that association world.” (17:07)


Around 8:40 Bonnifer explains why she thinks storytelling is a powerful and effective method for adult learning.

Listen at 20:15 to find out why Bonnifer says it will be the bravest association leaders that will survive and how you can make sure you’re one of them.

1 – Quality development that builds you up to the next level in leadership and learning is worth the price of your time and money.
2 – As a learner, it is your responsibility to own the information you receive in order to turn it into something useful that you can apply in your world.
3 – Telling stories is a valuable way to share experience and knowledge, and the lessons are more likely to stick with the listener.
4 – Members are consumers, and their expectations for quality and meaning are rapidly evolving.
5 – The shifting concepts of association management require taking a different approach to the same services you’ve always offered, like member engagement and education.

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